Henry D Perkey

My wife’s family are descendants of Henry D. Perky. They have always referred to him as “Uncle Henry” and growing up, they loved seeing his picture on the Nabisco Shredded wheat cereal box. The family is in possession of H.D. Perky’s gold cane from the St. Joseph MO worlds fair from 1893. This cane was presented to Henry Perky for his work on establishing the fair in 1889. We are not sure who presented this cane. We do know that there was a fire, less than two weeks later, that destroyed a building on the fair grounds. The cane is a black wood cane with a 3 – 4 oz gold head. An inscription on the cane’s head is: H. D. PERKY PRESIDENT New Era Exposition St. Joseph MO Sept 3, ‘89 Looking for history and value.