Consultants Questions

Game Table Swivel/Rotate Fold Top
If you can show me a similar item online. If you can provide any details about the age, period, style. If you can a value of similar item.
I found this settee online and started to reupholster it. I found this when I opened it. Just wondering if it has any value?
Here is front and back of my plate. I would like any info u have . The time frame. And its value. Please.
Would like to know more info on each mark on the back of my dinnerplates.
Hibriten dresser
I have a mahogany dresser with mirror that has a hibriten sticker on it. It says 6/26. There are two large curved drawers with three smaller ones on the top row. How much do you think it’s worth?
Vintage Silver Pill Box 925
Hi, Just wondering if you know anything about this little silver hand painted pill box.
I am looking to sell these items need a value please?
would appreciate any info on the tea set. says silver on copper on bottom with 3 emblems. an open crown, an S with a splash through it and a shield with some letters through it.
Trying to get some info on this samovar and how much it may be worth. I have done countless hours of reasearch online and can't find any hand carvings at all on samovar's they all are stamped. Could you please help me?
What i the value of this poster?
Size50*70 Original 4/11/95 rabin assassination rally.
Jade Duck with Wooden stand - large
Can you provide any information on the value of this item?
I have aquired this..trying to figure value.Cant quite seem to find any pics of sofa with harps like that. Should I have restoration before I sell or "as is" thanks.
Would like to get an appraisal
Am scaling down things I've collected in my life and I have this five inch old ivory sculpture. Can you give me an idea of what it's worth and where I can sell it.
Free Mason memoribillia
What is this worth.can I cash it in for $2000 plus interest?
What is the value of this chinese tea set?
Henry D Perkey
My wife’s family are descendants of Henry D. Perky. They have always referred to him as “Uncle Henry” and growing up, they loved seeing his picture on the Nabisco Shredded wheat cereal box. The family is in possession of H.D. Perky’s gold cane from the St. Joseph MO worlds fair from 1893. This cane was presented to Henry Perky for his work on establishing the fair in 1889. We are not sure who presented this cane. We do know that there was a fire, less than two weeks later, that destroyed a building on the fair grounds. The cane is a black wood cane with a 3 – 4 oz gold head. An inscription on the cane’s head is: H. D. PERKY PRESIDENT New Era Exposition St. Joseph MO Sept 3, ‘89 Looking for history and value.
I have no idea what this is. The bottom half pulls of. The round disk under the bar rotates with the shaft on the end
Rocking chair
Good afternoon, I am looking to identify this small rocking chair that I purchased today. I’d like to determine its value if possible. Thank you for your time, Dawn Renner
Albrecht Durer Etch Prints
What are these prints worth and what is the best way to sell them?
Metal figure with marble base
Hello, I recently acquired a statue of a man on a marble base. He measures about 6 inches (about 7 on the marble base). He is heavy (maybe brass?...17 ounces); he is wearing a cap and has a shawl over his left shoulder. It make me think he might be a religious figure. His posture tilts to the back. Lastly, there is a screw mounting him to the base. I would appreciate any help as to what the figure is as well as what it might be worth. Thank you acb
Portrait and frame
I'm not even sure this is antique and I just want to know if it is and what you can tell me about it.
Antique Table
Looking to sell this antique table but have no clue about it. ResearchING it looks similar to William and Mary style. Not a dropside table. Century? Type of wood? Price?
Etched mirror
This once belonged to my grandparents, who were born in the early 1900's. I'd like to see if this is something of value. Thanks.
Ice Box
I have this antiquated ice box; I would like to know what it is worth? I cannot read anything on the name plate.
antique asian jewerly box?
what era or dynasty would it be from and its vaule and use of item
Glass paperweight
Is this glass paperweight worth something?
pottery vase
what age and origin is this vase?
What is this Chinese bowl?
Is it expensive?
Chinese scene plaque
what is it for and is it valuable?
Metal decorated box
What is this metal box?
decorated pill box
what is it's origin and How much it worth?