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About Us

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 "There is always a conflict of interests when you ask an Expert to Value your Antiques in a case he wants to buy them."

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Antiquelopedia is the first Online Project that makes you instantly an antiques Expert. 

Using Antiquelopedia Will help you make A profesional Appraiser as if you were An Expert most of the time. 
Antiquelopedia.com is prepared to asisset in more then 99% of The items exists in the Antiques world Market. 
In Five fast & easy steps that will simulate the prosess that every professional in the field should do to reveal the value of an item. 
With antiquelopedia the reserch is short, fun and make it easy to know the real value of an item. 
whether you are a professional antique trader or deal with antique in you free time or if you inheritate an entaire collection and you want to know it's acctual value or if you are a collector that want to know the most recent prices of your favorite field. It can help you even as lawyer that deals with deviding art or antique collection between successors. 
Antiquelopedia is the first Online Free Express Evaluation for Antique Items Of All kinds
Now, In Five Fast & Easy steps, Anyone can be Antiques Expert, and Reveal The Market Value Of any antique object thats comes to your mind.
Antiquelopedia will guide you till you find the most resemble to your Antique item result of past online sale. 
Only few of the endless list thet you can Evaluate:
  • Coins and Paper money
  • Clocks and watches
  • Jewelry and Gems
  • International Art
  • Decorative art
  • pottery and porcelain 
  • Antique and Vintage Glass
  • Furniture
  • 20's Design
  • Asian and chinese Art
  • Archeology
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Silver and metalware
  • Armorial and weapon
  • Bronze Figures
  • Medals
  • Judaica
  • Islam Art
  • African and Oceanic Art
  • Art deco
  • Art Nouveau
  • Arts And Crafts
  • biedermeier
  • meiji, Edo
  • Qing dynasty
  • Qianlong dynasty
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Han dynasty
  • Song dynasty
  • Antique toys and dolls
  • Weapons and militeria